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Banjo lessons in London

Dick Smith gallery

Coal Porters

The Coal Porters with Dick Smith.

Wisemen/Vendettas and Dick Smith

Wisemen/Vendettas and Dick Smith.

Six Mile Walk at Twickenham

Dick Smith playing in Twickenham with Six Mile Walk.

Concert with Dick Smith
Dick Smith playing the banjo

Dick Smith playing the banjo.


T-Shirts busking in Bath.


Dick Smith with Wisemen/Vendettas.


Dick Smith and the Coal Porters.

Coal Porters group photo

Dick Smith as banjo player in the Coal Porters.

Wisemen/Vendettas black and white photo

Wisemen/Vendettas in action.

Six Mile Walk playing at Twickenham

Six Mile Walk playing at Twickenham.


The Lost T-Shirts of Atlantis.

Lisa Knapp Green Man

Lisa Knapp with Dick Smith at the Green Man Festival.

Dick Smith banjo player

Dick playing banjo.


Six Mile Walk.