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Banjo lessons in London

Frequently asked questions

What sort of banjo music style do you teach?

Dick Smith teaches 3 finger bluegrass style picking, also known as Scruggs style.

Do I need to bring my own banjo to class?

Yes, you will need to buy a banjo or bring your own to class. If you are looking to buy a banjo, Dick can send to some links to suppliers.

Where can I buy a banjo?

Contact Dick Smith and he can recommend some shops where you can buy a banjo.

Can I book private lessons for someone else (e.g. as a birthday present)?

Yes you can. If you purchase lessons for someone as a present, Dick will provide an e-voucher for the recipient.

One-to-one banjo lessons

How can I arrange private banjo tuition?

You can book a one-to-one banjo lesson with Dick Smith on Wednesdays between 10am and 6.30pm in Walthamstow, E17. Limited one-to-one banjo lesson slots are also available on a Tuesday evening between 4.30 and 6.30pm at The Antelope in Tooting, SW17. For more details, please complete an online enquiry form and Dick will be in touch.

Where are the one-to-one banjo lessons held?

Private banjo lessons are available in Walthamstow at The Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Road, E17 4QU or at the Antelope pub in Tooting, 76, Mitcham Road, Tooting SW17 9NG.

When can I book private banjo lessons?

One-to-one banjo lesson can be arranged on Wednesdays in Walthamstow between 10am and 6.30pm. Tuesdays in Tooting between 4.30 and 6.30pm.

How much is private banjo tuition?

You can pay:

  • the standard £35 per hour for one-off lesson(s)
  • £100 for 3 one-hour sessions (5% discount on standard price).
  • £190 for 6 one-hour lessons (10% discount on standard price).
How long are one-to-one banjo lessons?

One-to-one banjo lessons are an hour long.

Extended lessons may be considered, please contact Dick Smith to discuss.

What levels of banjo player do you teach?

Private lessons cater for banjo players of all levels - from complete beginner through to intermediate and higher levels.

Dick Smith also arranges group banjo classes for beginners, improving beginners and intermediate in Tooting and Walthamstow.
New beginners in both venues start in January 2017.

Group banjo lessons

How do I join a group banjo class?

You need to sign up before the beginning of term and pay for the term in advance. Classes cost £15.00 per session. Terms run from 11 to 13 weeks in general.

How much are the classes?

Classes cost £15 per class and paid for by the term in advance. Term lengths vary so please contact Dick for more details.

How many banjo classes are there in a term?

Where possible, classes run during school term time. There are usually 11 to 13 weekly banjo classes in a term.

Where are the group banjo workshops held?

The group banjo classes are held at The Antelope pub in Tooting on Tuesday evenings and the Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Road, E17 4QU on Wednesday evenings.

What if I cannot make a class?

Unfortunately no refunds can be made for missed classes. When enrolling, you agree to pay for the full term regardless of attendance.

In certain circumstances it may be possible to negotiate an outcome where there have been unforeseen events.

I am a complete beginner, is there a group banjo class for me?

Banjo and ukulele classes are ongoing, so a class will continue from term to term with the class advancing their skills over time. Due to the limited number of time slots available, new classes are quite rare. If there is currently no new beginners class, then please contact Dick to be put on a waiting list. This can be done by completing an online enquiry form.